Glass doors, railings, screens, shower cabins, visors, partitions, aquariums and other glass products in city Razgrad

About us

Bulcorp Ltd is established in 1995. Production and administration are situated in Razgrad, Bulgaria.

The company is specialized in processing of architectural and furnishing glass products: glass and mirrors for furniture producers, glass shower screens, mirrors and shelves for bathrooms, glass for balustrades, overhead glazing and partitions, glass tiling for indoor and outdoor, glass for staircases and floors, etc.

The high qualification and equipment make Bulcorp Ltd valued partner in executing complex and responsible projects.

In 2017 Bulcorp Ltd developed and launched glass with electrical control of visibility (PDLC) with

the trade mark VisionGuard. Tests with notified laboratories have been performed in order to get CE certificate. The product was presented for the first time on “Glass Day” during the Bulgarian Building Week 2017. Every following year improvements of the product are presented as well as new opportunities for its installation as single or insulating glass.

In 2019-2020 a new product ThermoVision is developed. It is heating laminated glass for building. A prototype was presented at Bulgarian Building Week in 2020 and the first projects will be performed in 2021.